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Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Dog Blogging

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The Frog Wrangler has had a really good week. She's at times acted like her puppy self so many years ago. She found one of her favorite toys that had sat unplayed with for quite a while and dragged it out and has been carrying it all over the house. Like finding an old friend. She's been shedding like crazy as the warmer weather seems to finally be here for good.

This last week I noticed that robins have appeared in the yard. This morning a pair of cardinals were out playing on the bench. They looked smaller than the large male cardinals I've seen previously so I wonder if these were babies fresh out of the next. The Wrangler was a bit upset by the white squirrel today - it decided that my tree was where it wanted to hang out - on a low hanging branch from where it could taunt the Wrangler with impunity.

Yesterday for the MRI I had to lie on my back which is something I haven't done in years and years - it's just too painful. So my back is paying me back in spades today. Every move has been painful, so I finally took a pain killer. After it kicked in I decided to go to Walmart - I was in desperate need of a mat for the computer mouse - remember when you used to get them everywhere free? I paid 3 bucks at Walmart. At least I'm no longer swearing at the mouse every time I use While I was at Walmart I decided that I better buy some Easter candy. Can you believe that both St. Patrick's Day and Easter are this next week?

Have a good weekend!


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