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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This week is flying by.....

It's Wednesday already. The past few morning my back has been really bad and so today I finally broke down and took some pain killers. The relief is a double edged sword because when they wear off I usually feel worse than before I took them. But I'll take the relief for now. The Frog Wrangler has been having a couple bad days too, so we've been comisserating with one another about the aches and pains. The arthritis in the Wranglers one rear hip has really caused that leg to lock up - a baby aspirin does the trick though. This morning about an hour after an aspirin she brought me favorite toy wanting to play.

It's been snowing here for the last two days - ugh! Although the sun is out today more snow is falling again today. I'm glad I got all of my grocery shopping done the other weekend - I'm staying in until this whole thing is over and the snow gone! Yesterday I took a pork loin out the freezer and I'm planning on cooking that tomorrow with some potatoes, onions and carrots in on of those cooking bags. I took out a couple other things to last me through the week.

So the news this morning is that gas may go to 4 dollars a gallon by spring. Between gas and food prices I think a lot of people are going to be hurting in a major way. I see some of these families with three and four children and I wonder how they can afford to make ends meet. I guess they don't with home foreclosures going through the roof. CNN was saying yesterday that not only homes and credit cards are defaulting, but now household utility bills are going into default. I don't know the answer to the situation but something better change and quick.

On a cheerier note, quite a few cardinals were out this morning playing in the hibiscus hedge, calling to one another. The call is really distinctive and it's fun to look for them when you hear them. A couple males where fighting for territory in the hedge. I haven't seen any females yet but with all the mating calls sounding I'm sure thery're there somewhere! I hope to see little baby cardinals again this year.


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