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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Monday, February 04, 2008

No More Snow

The snow has melted. The Frog Wrangler went running out this morning and had this look of amazement as if to say "Where'd it go?" lol A little bit of rain did the last of it in. Thank goodness. Now I'll be able to get out to vote tomorrow. Don't forget to get out there and cast your ballot if you're in one of the 22 states having a primary. Then I have to go over to the MRI place to see about getting in for a test on my back. Today is wash day and I'm having fun going up and down the cellar steps. My walker takes me to the top of the steps and I have a rolling chair at the bottom. The Frog Wrangler doesn't go down the steps any more. She just lays at the top of the steps and whines at me for being out of her line of sight. In today's mail I got a nice cookbook from Pilgrim's Pride and it is filled with chicken recipes. I'm not sure who mailed it to me but I think AB probably had something to do with it. I've got a freezer full of chicken so now I can get cooking!


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