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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Frog of the Day

Walmart Gift Card - Frog
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
Yesterday the groundhog saw his shadow in Pennsylvania, but didn't see it in Georgia. Whichever you believe, the sure thing is that winter is coming to an end. This morning I saw for the first time since last fall the return of the mourning doves. Personally, I love the cooing that they do. I know a lot of people do not. The Frog Wrangler had a tough night last night, which meant I had a tough night too. I took her out a couple of times but the snow, which had melted down yesterday, had re-froze when the temperatures dropped. This left her slipping and sliding all over the place. She finally gave up and came back in. It's been a busy morning already and I finally got a couple of free minutes to sit down at the computer. I've gotten the new computer to do pretty much everything I need it to do. And today's frog is appropriate as it helped purchase the new acer computer I'm using.

This frog item is a Walmart Gift Card. The frog design matches the card that was put up a couple of days ago. A cute design. I received this Christmas 2007.


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