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Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Dog Blogging

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I just put the ham with pineapple sauce in the oven - the Frog Wrangler offered to help with the ham (taste tester, anyone?). After a couple Snausages she decided it was just as much fun to lay at the edge of the kitchen and watch to see if I drop anything. She even dragged her pillow over to lay on. The Wrangler spent a bit of time out in the snow this afternoon. When she first heads out, she stops and looks back to make sure that I'm standing there watching her, that I'm not going to leave her. Once she saw me, she took off to play for a bit. I think she tried to drag half the snow back inside with her. She buries her face right in the snow and comes running back with her tail wagging. She might like the snow - I personally, could do without it. Guess I better and go make the mashed potatoes for dinner - the Wrangler has had a really happy day and she's eyeing the oven, wanting to make the day even better.....


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