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Friday, February 08, 2008

Face to Face with Frogs by Mark Moffett

Last night was television night. First up was the return of Survivor. I like that they started out with a pretty tough challenge. Then it was on to Lost. At least the question of the black smoke was asked - still not answered, but at least asked. Later it was Stewart and Colbert topped off with the late showing of Olbermann.

Stephen Colbert had Mark Moffett as his guest. He has written a new book called "Face To Face With Frogs." A beautiful book that can be found on (hint, hint).

The weather here has been crazy. One day in the 60's with tornadoes swirling everywhere and today it's in the 30's and the temps are going to be even colder this weekend. The local news says that they are still doing house searches in the tornado devestated areas. Apparently there were dozens of tornadoes on the ground at the same time. Things here in Tidy Town have gotten back to normal. The damages being repaird and things set right. Only one business was totally destroyed.

I can't believe how big my amaryllis plants are getting. The one that blossomed that originally shot up 5 leaves is sending up a couple more. The second bulb still has just the three leaves, but they are about a yard long.

The Frog Wrangler has a really great picture for this afternoon. See you then.


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