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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Devastating Storms

Yesterday was rough here in the heartland. It rained all day, but I still got out to vote and made it over to the MRI place. I was worried coming home because the roads were all starting to flood - a problem that happens when you live in a really flat area. By about 5 pm last night I had the candles at the ready because the electric kept flickering. There were a couple touchdowns of tornadoes, sending the sirens off twice during the evening. Hail pelted pretty good for quite a while and brought down quite a few branches out there. If we dry out a bit today, which is doubtful - they're calling for more rain again all day today - I need to get out there and get some of the picked up because they are in the Frog Wrangler's way. Thankfully, this northern end of the storm did not have any supercells in it. Unfortunately, the southern end of the storm did, with devastating results. The death toll this morning stands at 48 and the local news here is covering heartbreaking stories. A house to house search is still underway for more victims. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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