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Friday, February 22, 2008


Ice and Snow
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A cold day here at Frog Central to be sure. The Frog Wrangler was all excited to go out thinking she'd play in the snow, but it is as hard as a rock! Everything here in Tidy Town has ground to a halt as it has in most of Southern Illinois. With temps in the teens and twenties, this ice (up to 1/2 inch thick!) is going nowhere today. I took this picture out my window (hey, that's the mad shitter's house over there! - look how far he had to walk his dog to bring it into my yard to do it's business). The main street looks like it's been cleared and salted a bit, but the side street hasn't been touched at all. It doesn't matter to me - I'm staying inside till spring! Let me know when the temperatures are back in the 70's please.

I just watched a car trying to drive up the main street and it was all over the road. Police are asking everyone to stay off the roads and I think that's good advice.


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