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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tornado in Town

Yikes! I was working on the computer and I could hear the weather getting bad outside. Storms were definitely in the forecast. So I decided to turn off the computer in case we lost power. I no more than turned off the computer when hail started falling and the tornado sirens started wailing. I slipped on my sneakers and grabbed hold of the Frog Wrangler and made a bee line for the basement. The sirens stopped and all seemed quiet so we waited another 15 minutes or so and then made our way back upstairs. The news was blaring about a tornado that had touched down at the edge of town and tore down the power lines. A lot of wind damage is said to be around town. Thankfully, I see none here at Frog Central at the moment. What strange weather - you prepare yourself for this type of thing in the spring, summer, and occasionally fall - certainly not in the winter. Just hear another update that a number of homes had their roofs ripped off and a lot of straight line wind damage. The paper on Thursday (it's printed here in town twice a week) should have lots of info.


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