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Monday, January 07, 2008

Frog of the Day

Bowling Frog
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
Hope you had a good weekend. The temperatures here at Frog Central have been fantastic - mid 60's yesterday and it's almost 70 today. A nice reprieve before returning to colder temperatures, which is supposed to happen tomorrow. The forecast for this evening is rain and my back concurs. It was a tough time getting out of bed this morning. I don't like taking the pain killers, but I'm glad they're there for days like this. On a good note, the Frog Wrangler was feeling much better yesterday, and that has continued into today. She dragged her pillow into the middle of the living room floor yesterday and plopped down - right in the midst of any and all action!

Last night was Amazing Race night - my favorite show. Very exciting! I really haven't connected with much of anybody this season as to who I want to root for. Last night I was impressed with the grandfather/grandson team and so moving into the last two weeks I guess that's who I'll pull for.

This frog collectible is called Bowling Frog. The frog is looking to throw a strike, but there are a couple extra balls in the return in case he has to go for a spare. The bowling pins are a separate piece that for reasons of the picture I had to put pretty close. The box has a Made in China stamp on it. I received this for Christmas 2007.


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