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Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Dog Blogging

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I had to laugh with the size and brightness of this new monitor screen. It made me realize I was over exposing The Frog Wrangler's photos. Today's photo is much better - I hope you will agree.

The Wrangler was happy to stay indoors today. The temperature outside is around 8 degrees! Things are supposed to warm up sometime early next week, I hope. All in all the Wrangler has had a pretty good week. Not quite as fiesty as the previous week, but for the most part happy and healthy. And as she moves towards her 15th birthday, that's always good news.

As you can see I've learned how to put pictures onto my computer. I spent quite a bit of time last night getting e-mail up and running. I'm sure there are still some quirks that I'll need to learn (there were no instruction booklets at all with the computer - just a quick start sheet in Chinese!). My beloved iMac was about 10 years old and I'm extremely happy with being able to see video on line. I had all but given up on viewing videos that friends either send or link to. All in all, I'm enjoying the new computer.


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