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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

The rain continues here at Frog Central - and probably will until Wednesday or Thursday. The lawn looks like a mud field. The Frog Wrangler hates the feeling on her paws and is only going out when absolutely necessary - and she waits dutifully to get her paws washed before tracking all over the house. Thankfully the ice storms and power outages that are plaguing the area are right now about 30 miles to the north of here. Route 70 across Illinois is like the magic dividing line. To the north they get the majority of ice and snow, to the south we get rain.

I heard from AB this morning and I want to continue to wish her well after her surgery. She had to go back into the hospital because of infection, but is now back home and cranky as ever - a good sign.

I'm hoping the bloom on my Amaryllis plant will be making an appearance for Christmas. I started it a bit late, so it's iffy. The stalk right now is about 20 inches tall - putting almost 4 inches on in the last couple days! I'll post a picture once it blossoms.

Thought I should put something in here a little froggy, so I thought with Christmas season here to remind you about your Radko ornaments and their care. I've written quite a bit here, but since they are expensive it's worth reiterating. Don't wash or use any liquids on your ornaments - the paints will come off! Keep them out of direct light so they don't fade. And be sure to use an ornament box and wrap them back up in their acid free tissue for storage. And don't store them in the attic or basement - keep them in a spare bedroom closet is what Christopher Radko suggests.

One final thing about Radko ornaments - there was a production problem this year and they stopped making this years ornaments in August. I think that this years ornaments are going to become highly collectible and very hard to find. Many of the designs are already sold out in some of the shops I frequent. Many on-line stores have an after Christmas clearance, and I would take full advantage.


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