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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friday Dog Blogging

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Yeah, I know it's Saturday - I'm a day late and the Frog Wrangler reminded me this morning. This photo is not the best but she is definitely not happy with me coming at her with a camera when she's got one of her favorite treats in her mouth. She always carries this type of treat this way - it is too funny! It seems like her jaw would get tired - she can spend about an hour finding the right place to hide it.

She's had a pretty good week. Tired of the rain and going out and getting muddy - well that part I think she likes, it's the clean-up when she walks through the door that I think she's getting tired of. The Wrangler has asserted her displeasure over the location of the freezer - i.e. that it took her favorite sleeping spot. She has taken to wedging herself between the freezer and the television to take a nap. It's nothing a treat won't cure.....


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