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Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Dog Blogging

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Either she's thinking "Back off - my treat!" or "I am so full - but I have to eat the last bit of this or he may take it!" The Frog Wrangler has been especially happy the last couple of days - we've been having ice and snow storms here at Frog Central. She loves to go out and frolic around in that nasty weather. Brrr!

The Wrangler knows when I'm not feeling good and she spends her time keeping watch over me. I've been feeling a bit better and today is about the best all week - so she's felt that she could take some time to herself and get some much needed nap time!

The treat she's working on is one of her favorites - it's called Chewlotta. I get the ones for small dogs and they are huge! She spends an hour or so running around the house with it in her mouth, finding places to hide it, then changing her mind and looking for someplace new. Finally I guess she decides the best hiding place is her tummy! and she sits down to enjoy it.

I've been catching up on the news - the shooting in Omaha is quite disturbing and I don't understand the need of releasing the 911 tapes. We know the people there were terrorized and I can just imagine what they must feel when every station they turn on plays the tapes with the shots going off in the background. Just as I don't believe they should say the shooters name repeatedly. The shooting can and should be reported upon, but the news agencies should refuse to name the shooter. It's the notoriety the shooter gets - isn't that exactly what they were going for? And it makes the next person think they too can get their 15 minutes, even posthumously, that seems to drive the copy cat crimes that inevitably follow. Just my two cents.


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