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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Dog Blogging

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My Friday Dog Blogging is morphing into Saturday Dog Blogging. I absolutely love this picture of the Frog Wrangler. She is in her favorite chair, snuggled up with her favorite blanket - how could life get any better! Because she can't really hear any more when I came out in the morning it didn't wake her up. I turned on my radio and started my morning and she still was sound asleep. So I snapped a couple pictures and about 10 minutes later she woke up, her eyes growing wider to see me up and about without her not having known it.

The Frog Wrangler has had another really good week. She just loves this colder weather and it's hard to get her to come in from the outside. Especially the other night when it was snowing, she came in covered and you could tell she just loved it and a couple hours later she was pestering me to go back out again. When she comes back in she loves to cuddle up with her favorite blanket to warm again. This last week I gave her the old pillows off the bed as I put new ones on and she is in heaven. I put them in her favorite place to lay down and she has a lot of fun getting them just right and fluffing them up before she settles down on top of them.


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