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Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Madness!

It's been a really busy Monday here at Frog Central. I received a call first thing from the furniture store that is going to fix my La-z-boy recliner. They were on their way to pick it up - the part they ordered had come in. They no more than left when a car pulled into the drive - my car! Come to find out the only thing wrong was a small little piece of plastic that lined the gear shift to the transmission. So now fixed and returned, I can't wait to try it out later with a quick trip to the bank and post office.

I mixed up a batch of fruitcake this afternoon and tomorrow I'll bake it off. One last batch of fruitcake to be made then that will be it for the season.

In the midst of all that was going on today I decided to make a couple slices of toast. After I put out the fire I found out that the only thing toasted was the toaster! (The bread was burnt). I seem to be going through appliances at an alarming rate. Almost very kitchen appliance has been replaced in the last year. Most of it thanks to AB!


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