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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Frog of the Day

Today has been busy already! I was up before the sun rise this morning because a man is coming to look at the basement and give an estimate for putting in a sump pump. It would be nice to double the amount of space - I want to be able to use all that valuable space in the basement for storage. I would have so much more space up here on the ground floor. The Frog Wrangler wasn't happy with my working so hard first thing and I think she gave a little smile when the vacuum cleaner broke for good. A large clunk and metal pieces were flying everywhere! Thankfully nothing was broken by the flying pieces and the Wrangler and I weren't hurt. Thankfully the majority of the floor was finished before it broke. The weekend was nice and quiet - on Sunday the fruitcake was unwrapped and the cheesecloth re-soaked in brandy. The one cake that is being sacrificed for taste testing was yummy and soon the cake should be ready to sit and mellow to get ready for Christmas.

This frog item is from Mary Meyer and is called a Froggie Keepsake Purse. The plush frog has a zipper across the top that opens a small compartment where a child could put a few items. The large clip can be used to attach it to a backpack. I purchased this item last week (November 2007) at a resale shop. As you can see, it still has it's original tags.


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