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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Frog of the Day

Frog Thermometer
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
What did I tell you - new frogs are always coming into the collection. Yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and I had to wait a half hour for the ride home - so I went into the resale shop next to CVS and found quite a few frogs. Winter has definitely arrived here at Frog Central. The temps had dropped into the 20's the other night. Brrr! Even the Frog Wrangler, ever the lap dog, gets all excited when she sees me getting out the afghan to cover up. She's a little heat factory so I don't mind her crawling under the covers for a bit. You get all nice, warm and toasty - and it only takes a 60 lb. dog to do it! LOL

This frog item I found at the resale shop yesterday. It is a frog thermometer. There is a made in China sticker on the bottom. It is rather heavy - it feels more like an artificial stone rather than resin. A great little addition to the collection.


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