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Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Dog Blogging

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It's been a miserable couple of days. The local furniture store came and got my recliner. I stopped over today to find out what was going (since they told it would take them one to two days to fix it and it's now day five). They can't seem to fix it and not sure what to do. In the meantime I'm stuck without a chair. And the guy was all like "I've spent too much time trying to fix it - it's not worth it." I told him it had a lifetime guarantee and it was only 4 years old so it was worth it to me. He then takes me around to show me a brand new chair and didn't I want to purchase that instead because the other chair is "shot." Nope. I'll wait for my chair. So he's like well I'll call the factory direct next week. I told him that it was only 1:30 in the afternoon - why couldn't he do it today. I guess it will be a miracle if I get my chair back at all! In the meantime, the Frog Wrangler is very upset that her sleeping place is gone. I finally was able to remedy the situation a bit by placing her favorite blanket on the floor and putting her pillows on it. She lays there and looks forlornly to the blank spot of where her chair use to be. Let's hope it gets back soon. Otherwise she's been doing really well and enjoying her new treats - Snausages Paw Prints.


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