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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Changes to this blog

Three years ago I decided I wanted to catalog my frog collection. And thus I started this blog to do that. Along the way I started writing about my daily going-ons. It was a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. After three full years I've reached the end of my present collection and have been showing you what is out there in the blogosphere. Mainly I want to keep this blog my own collection though. So change is thrust upon me and I think in the end will be a good thing. I'll continue to post new frogs as they come to the collection. And when everyone knows that you collect frog items, they come in on a regular basis. I'd still like to see readers send in pictures of their own collections or prized frog item. It's fun to see what other people are collecting. To my friends and family who don't really come for the frog but to catch up on what is going on in my life - don't despair. I'm sure that from time to time you'll be getting a post to update what I've been up to.

I hope that you, my dear readers, understand my decisions as to these changes and will continue to check back to see what's new in my little corner of the world. I've been amazed and surprised by the location of those who check in to see what's new. I think that almost every country has been represented over the last three years. I love connecting with all those who have written or just came to look. We'll see you right here very soon.


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