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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dog Blogging

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The Frog Wrangler is going to fire me! I was so tired last evening I fell asleep in my chair quite early. I then went to bed early for a change. Let's face it, Friday night television is the worst. The Frog Wrangler yesterday morning did not want to give up her chair or blanket. Not even to go out! She is so adept at getting that afghan off the back of the chair - it is so funny to watch. I fold it up and put over the back of the chair - she jumps up and with one swipe of her paw has it off the back and she's laying down on top of it. The Frog Wrangler has been feeling a bit better after her bad night earlier this week. So here she is yesterda morning in her chair and you just know she's saying "Touch my blanket and die!"


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