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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Frog of the Day

Salt & Pepper Frog Set
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino.
Received a call last night from a friend who I hadn't heard from in about 3 weeks. It was good to catch up and I'll keep my fingers crossed for him that the closing on his house goes through! Regular tv has become so bad, I hope things pick up with the new season starting this month. In the meantime, the Frog Wrangler and I are watching BBC programming and enjoying it. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday watching the cardinals play in the hibiscus hedge. They really have made quite a home for themselves there. The next town over is having their fall festival today and I'm debating whether to go or not. They are having a frog jumping constest at noon - I'm conflicted about witnessing such an event because I don't believe it's the most humane thing for the frog.

This frog item is a salt and pepper set. This ceramic pair are all business with their neckties. There is a sticker on the bottom which states Made in Taiwan. Other than that I have no other information about this executive pair.


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