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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Frog of the Day

Otagiri - Frogs Music Box
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino.
It's been a tough morning here at Frog Central. Mainly because it was a tough night where neither the Frog Wrangler nor I could get any sleep. It may be arthritis related because this morning the clouds are amassing and thunder has been rolling pretty regularly. The Frog Wrangler has been a little bit antsy than normal while for me every joint seems to be screaming. Hopefully with a little bit of rain the temps will come down. I want to make the opening tomorrow of the town's brand new Walmart super center. I've got my list ready and hopefully they will have lots of bargains for opening day.

This frog collectible was a great find that I purchased and received just yesterday. It is made by Otagiri in Japan and was designed by Mary Ann Baker. It is a music box that when played the see-saw moves up and down. It is in perfect working order and plays You Light Up My Life. The song title confirms for me my dating of the Otagiri pattern to the early 1980's. You Light Up My Life by Debbie Boone became popular around the years 1977 - 1978. I have been able to find little data on the length of time/legalities surrounding how long before a title song can be used in music boxes, but I would suspect at least a couple years. This piece is in mint condition and a welcome addition to the collection.


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